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A little about me and my shop!

Updated: Feb 6

Hey everyone so this is my little online pet accessory shop which i created on 10.06.2020 i first opened an Etsy store nearly a year ago in August 2019. I begun on a blank canvas, i didn't want any of my family or friends to know in case BPF flopped, i had no knowledge about anything and i'm sure as we all do i'm still learning to this day. I have gained a lot of amazing customers, reviews and sales from which i knew that my next big step was an actual website which provided me less competition and enabled me to design something perfect. Some say that time flies by and i agree! 500 items sold later and i'm on here adding new items every month. Honestly i would 100% have to say that my Bella's Pet Fashion Ambassador team on Instagram helped me the most, gave me the best advice, tips and obviously supported me with purchasing my items, taking pictures with them and then posting these stunning pictures onto their large Instagram following which is the first and main social media platform i begun using. I was inspired to make pet items due to the fact that i bought them for my dog beforehand, loved taking photography pictures, got loads of compliments of the bandanas Bella wore, the colours and the hundreds of different styles really got me thinking as i was always into textiles since a very young age because my mum used to be a dressmaker and still does it part time to this day. All thanks to my mum teaching me literally everything which there ever could be to learn. My mum still does help out! We're hoping to make Bella's Pet Fashion an actual part time or even full time business but we will see what the future brings. The name of this store is after my dog Bella which translates to beautiful in Italian. We work extremely hard to make this a success so I'd like to thank all of my buyers and lovely friends for helping me. #supportsmallbusinesses

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