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Is your pet constantly looking for attention? Clingy?

Well that's a sign of boredom! You have to take action as ignoring it can lead your pets getting depressed, however pets experience depression a bit differently, may become lazy, over/under weight, sad, both mental and physical health.

Each pet is different and all have different preferences. But here are some things we suggest to try!

This is a mix of cat and dog ideas.

- Grooming, many pets really enjoy getting brushed! (Most enjoy getting brushed on their cheeks!)

- Toys, whatever pet you have once again each one has their own preferences, some like bells, crunchy noises, squeaks, string, balls, some like playing with toys in the air or rolling around on the floor. If you buy a toy once and they don't like it you have to keep trying! Great to have variety of toys as your pet can get bored of one and will want something else.

-Don't ignore their behaviour, did you know that it was proven by science that talking to your pets or including them in conversations promotes both of your mental health and your pets?

- Attention may also mean that they want/need something! Not only boredom. Check up on them, if they're healthy! There will be a blog up soon on how to find out if your pet is healthy.

-It is really important that your pet has their own space, their own bed where they feel safe and aren't disturbed.

- Your dog should be walked at least once a day (Humans should be getting in10,000 (5 miles) steps a day to stay healthy! Most dogs are more than capable of that)

- For cats, they love going outside but some choose to have their cats only indoors if the area they don't live in is unsafe or they have busy roads around. Instead show them all accessible windows around the house! Cats absolutely love birdwatching so they can spend hours a day on the windowsill.

-Mind games/puzzles for dogs.

-Cat scratch post to eliminate them scratching carpets/furniture.

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