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Why you should dress up your pet!

Now, some people don't like putting accessories such as collars, bandanas or bows on their pets as their first reaction may be a little off, this is because they're not used to something around their necks. Please do not ever buy anything 100% perfectly sized to their necks, best that the item is 2-4 cm bigger, a bit loose so they don't freak out and feel anything tight around their necks. Once your pet gets used to a collar it's time to try out different colour, patterns and accessory types to see which one suits your pet the best!

The different types are bandanas, collars, bows, even pet jewellery.

They don't only make your pet look extra cute but your pet will be happy receiving packages for themselves, seeing your furbabies reaction opening something for them is amazing! (If you own a cat please try out our best Canadian catnip toys! Cats go absolutley crazy over them, it's our most popular product).

When choosing a place to purchase please consider small businesses. Big retailers such as Pets At Home, shops with thousands of orders, followers get enough credit so they don't need the support but small businesses do need it! They are usually family owned, handmade, made with love and thought, and grateful for every order they get! Is owned by a mother and a daughter, both vegan caring for the environment with a passion of making people happy and pets look cute!

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