Autumn Time

Autumn Time

Welcome to Bella’s Pet Fashion! A small online shop selling adorable,great quality pet accessories designed to make your pet look fab and feel great!This is our Fall set! All of our items are handmade with care and are eco friendly.Slip on means that this bandana has an insert hole for your collar to come through and the clip on has buttons which you pop together around the neck.Our Bows have an elastic on the back which you slip onto your pets collar.Tip for measuring your pets size if you don’t own a tape measure use a ruler and measure your pets collar! If your ruler doesn’t have INCHES” on it then check the CM’s & type into google eg. 30 cm into inches your purrfect size should come up!All of our bandanas are measured in inches so please measure your pets collar/neck before purchasing! Contact us at we’re happy to help. As soon as you receive your item please remember to leave us an honest review!Follow us on Instagram - Bellas_Pet_FashionFacebook - Bella’s Pet FashionPinterest - Bella’s Pet FashionTwitter - Bellas_Pet_FashThank you!
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    To wash our items  please hand wash under warm water with soap. Let it air dry in a warm place-out in the sun. If it creases over time then iron the item on a low temperature and don't go over any SEQUINS or EXTRAS. Lint roll if fur builds up but avoid EXTRAS.


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