Strawberry Catnip Kickers

Strawberry Catnip Kickers

Our catnip kickers! filled with catnip to make your cats extra playful! these can get rid of stress and anxiety! but give your pet hours of play time.

Fun cat toys!
Filled with catnip, a crunchy material, bells and a long tail for extra fun!

Best to be kept in a plastic container with a lid when not in use so scent lasts longer- also best to close the toy away at night so you don’t get woken up with your cat going crazy over this toy as it’s very likely to happen.


All of our items are handmade with care and are eco friendly.



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  • Care Instructions

    If toy gets dirty i wouldn't reccomend washing it as the scent can get lost, but can try cleaning it with a wet wipe or if washed seal it in a container with catnip for 24 hours. Take breaks with catnip as if your cat has catnip around 24/7 they'll get bored of the scnet and will no longer react to the catnip. When not in use keep the catnip toy in a sealed container which will stop the catnip scent wearing off although we still use the best quality fabric.


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